KVoucher Voucherplugin for WordPress



KVoucher is a WordPress plug-in for small or medium-sized companies such as restaurants or other retail companies that operate a WordPress website and want to give customers the opportunity to buy digital vouchers online via the website. The voucher and the invoice will then be sent directly by e-mail. The voucher is paid for via PayPal Plus.
A PayPal account and a PayPal client ID are required.

Furthermore, the owner of the plugin has the option in the backend of the WordPress page to determine whether the voucher should be sent by PDF or by post or whether the customer should choose whether to send it.

In addition to the required company contact data, the following settings are possible:

Company settings

  • Setting the tax number (optional)
  • Validity (duration) in years
  • Currency (euro, pound, dollar)
  • Shipping (post + e-mail, post, e-mail)
  • Shipping
  • Value added tax

PayPal settings

  • PayPal client ID (required)

Terms of Use

  • Terms of use (optional)

Style settings

  • Setting the company logo